Fall Tag

I was tagged by Earthand_water on Twitter you can check out her answers here.

  1. What is your favourite fall drink? I’m currently drinking salted caramel coffee which I’m loving. I also have a hazelnut and cinnamon one that I can’t wait to try.
  2. What’s one thing you love about fall? The weather starts to cool down, I’m not a big fan of hot weather as my medication increases my risk of heat stroke. My hamster isn’t a fan of the hot weather either.
  3. What’s one thing you don’t like about fall? When it rains and there’s leaves on the ground. I’m really clumsy and I’m good at slipping on them. I have ligament damage in my ankles too so I’m always worried about hurting them again.
  4. Are you a pumpkin spice fan? I love pumpkin spice loaf which I make myself.
  5. What’s your favourite fall scented candle? I love pumpkin spice or cinnamon but I can’t burn them in my room because they’re not good for my pets.
  6. Where do you buy your fall candles? TKMaxx
  7. What’s your go-to fall beauty product? I don’t really have one, but I do love my chamomile face soap from Lush.
  8. Your favourite fall accessory? My old fuzzy zebra print jacket from H&M it’s so warm and looks so cool.
  9. What’s your typical fall outfit look like? Lots of layers to keep me warm, lots of black and hot pink like the rest of the year.
  10. Apple pie or pumpkin pie? I love me some pumpkin pie but I’m going to have to say apple.
  11. Your favourite Halloween/scary movie? I’m not really a fan of scary movies but Scream isn’t bad.
  12. Do you have a fall tradition? Does talking about doing lots of pink and black Halloween decorations and then not making them count? I do that every year.
  13. What’s your favourite fall food? My mum’s vegetable soup.
  14. What are your plans for Halloween? I’m going to a book talk.
  15. Do you plan to dress up for Halloween? I’ll probably do a witch look, I’m going to a fancy dress comedy night. So I’m basically going as myself!
  16. What’s one thing you’re thankful for? My beautiful hamster, she is usually the only reason I get out of bed every day.
  17. Halloween or Thanksgiving? I’m from the UK and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving so Halloween every time.
  18. Favourite thanksgiving food? I don’t have one.
  19. Have you ever participated in Friendsgiving? I’ve never heard of it!
  20. Have you already taken fall photos? I have, I’m doing an October photo challenge over on Instagram.

Want to join in? Check out the original post over at Amanda Burnett‘s site. If you’ve read this and joined in let me know!